About Our Practice


As with most things in life, there can be a dozen ways to solve a problem; but a workable solution does not necessarily equate to the best solution. Without effective communication, some of the best solutions remain unused tools. Jost Energy Law understands that our clients’ key to success lies in effective communication. We value our clients and work tirelessly to cultivate relationships built upon effective communication so we are always using the right tool for the job.


Many of the necessary steps land and legal departments must take during the exploration and development process are duplicative in nature. Add this to the scope of a sophisticated development plan in a large prospect and you have the recipe for inefficiency, which can result in costly mistakes. Jost Energy Law believes you should never have to pay twice for something that has already been performed. Whether it is a notice list for a pooling prepared during a title examination, or a regulatory action that cures a title defect, Jost Energy Law marries the core oil and gas practice areas to ensure that valuable internal knowledge is always put to efficient use.

Cost Savings

Jost Energy Law believes that if client costs are reduced, it will free up capital so you can do what you do best: explore, produce, and develop energy. When clients are able to do this, our entire country benefits, and that is important to us. This is why we take great pride in ensuring that all work performed is done effectively and efficiently, which, in turn, reduces costs and continues to place our country on the road to economic stability through energy security.