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July 14, 2020 WOGCC JULY 14, 2020 HEARING UPDATE

The July 2020, hearing was held at the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (“Commission”) this morning. Two things of note occurred at the hearing. First, Deputy Supervisor Tom Kropatsch requested that the Commission approve the start of the Commission’s Rulemaking Process so as to update the Commission Rules regarding underground Class II disposal wells. Wyoming’s last legislative session passed a bill, Enrolled Act No. 12, that modified the underground injection control (UIC) program to provide the Commission the authority to regulate all underground Class II disposal wells, not just “non-commercial” Class II disposal wells. The proposed rules would reflect the changes imposed by Enrolled Act No. 12. The Commission unanimously approved starting the Rule Making Process. Second, the Commission heard its first 8(m) Applications. The two 8(m) Applications, brought by WOV, were uncontested. Following WOV’s presentation of its two 8(m) Applications, the Commission decided that for future uncontested 8(m) Applications, those Applications would be heard in front of the Commission’s Examiners, not the full Commission.